Discover the regional Cheese culture in our greater region in the heart of Europe

More than 1.000 regional culinary delights from approx. 80-100 farm-based cheese dairies in Eifel, Hunsrück (two areas in Germany along the Moselle river), Saarland, Luxembourg as well as the Belgian region of Wallonia and here especially the Ardennes and in the French region of Lorraine are waiting to be discovered by you!

The greater region as a regional “Territory of cheese” or „Terroir Fromage“

Mosel-Käse-Event has defined the greater region consisting of belgien Rhineland-Palatinate (especially Hunsück and Eifel), Saarland, Luxembourg and Wallonia and Lorraine as regional “Terroir of cheese”.
Within an approx. 200-km radius of Trier - being the capital of wine in the center - the farm-based cheese dairies are spread. The most individual cheese assortment of those cheese dairies is presented by Mosel-Käse-Event.

Cheese culture and farm - based cheese dairies

Within the recent years a huge development – mostly unnoticed by a wider public - took place in the center of our greater region – A remarkable and noteworthy regional cheese culture with numerous small farm-based cheese dairies has developed. The processing of the farm-based milk and partly even the row milk is done traditionally completely by hand. The result is a broad spectrum of distinctive types of cheese made from cow milk and – even more often – cheese made from the milk of goats, sheep or even buffalos. A large proportion of those farm-based dairies is producing under the rules for organic production.

Cheese tastes wonderful

Are traditional produced cheeses better?
Well, in each case the variety in the taste of the regional cheeses is a lot better than in the industrial produced cheeses. And exactly this is it. We would like you to improve your tasting abilities and your awareness to taste cheeses from different charges and degree of ripeness. This all we want to share with you. You shall be able to improve fine sensibility for tasting and taste nuances. We want to improve your tasting talent or to help you to gain it back if it got lost.

Landscape tastes wonderful

Regional products are in fashion. In times of globalisation more and more customers prefer food produced in the local area and Tourists demand the typical products from their vacation place. This provides new challenges for manufacturers, tourism experts, hoteliers and gastronomes. A new chance to match the increasing demand for regional specialities, is being offered through the project Mosel-cheese-event with its outstanding Assortment to extend your spectrum of offers in regional specialities or existing events . We look forward to an intensive und successful cooperation!

our offer and our services

We invite you to enjoy the regional cheese culture together with us. Here is our offer:
  • Cheese-tastings – with wine – with beer – with cider – with distillates
  • Cheese-workshops
  • Cheese-Wine-Hiking
  • Outdoor-Raclette group events
  • Corporate events and group events
  • Regional cheese catering
At our tasting events we offer regional cheeses as well as regional drinks only. The tasting comprises at least 6 corresponding pairs of cheese and drink. We compose a cheese platter in a certain style which is called „Cheeseglock“, or in German „Käseuhr“. This means all important Cheese types are presented ascending from a mild kind to a pretty spicy kind alternating from cow-milk, goat-milk or sheep-milk and among these numerous cheeses made of raw milk. Additionally we ensure that we want to include as many different regions of cheese origin as possible. Such a broad regional range of tastes is in this selection presented the first time by Mosel-Käse-Event only .
Let yourself be surprised by the potential of taste our region has to offer to you!
Event times and the venues as well as a detailed description of the event you can find under:
www.mosel-kaese-event.de  Link zu „Event-Kalender“

Cheese culture meets wine culture

The classical duo “cheese” and “wine”. To answer the question which cheese harmonizes best with which wine, many know the rule to try cheese and wine of the same origin. Mosel-Käse-Event has accepted the task of presenting , exclusively cheese specialities from the greater region and this in combination with selected wines from the rivers Mosel, Saar and Ruwer as well as from the Ahr and from the Nahe. These wines are waiting to be tasted together with a wealth of individual farm cheeses.

Cheese and beer – the taste combination

Up to now cheese and wine have been known as the classical tasting duo. “Cheese and beer”, this sounds first like an unusual combination. And to answer the question how do cheese and beer harmonize together there is a clear answer: they fit together as well as cheese and wine! The numerous microbreweries along the rivers of the Mosel, the Saar and the Nahe almost compellingly invite you to taste their local brews together with the homemade local cheese of the greater region.

Cheese + cider („Viez“) – a „must“, a connection

Cider or „Viez“ (Mosel-Franconian dialect name) – a typical drink in our greater region, must be brought together with the regional cheese assortment. We challenged it and we are proud to present the best cheese-cider-combinations to you. Be courageous – the result will surprise you!


Some famous cheese specialities are “washed” with alcoholic beverages during the ripening process. This is achieved by using wine but especially with the use of distillates of different kinds. It stands to reason to combine the sensory experiences of our local distillates with our local home farm dairies. In some way we’ve tried the attempt to get them “married”, the broad product range of the regional distiller and the similar large product range of cheese assortment of the regional farm dairies. – The result is amazing!


Learn what cheese is all about, what’s in it and how it’s made. In an enjoyable way you learn more about the background of cheese in theory and practice. We will produce two different kinds of cheeses. In the process you will gain a feeling for the homemade cheese and additionally we will provide you with the basic knowledge for the composing of corresponding combinations. Enjoying our earlier produced products with a delicious glass of wine. In a warm atmosphere will be the cosy ending of the workshop.

Cheese-wine-hiking – for active connoissers

Hiking meets enjoyment! We offer you a guided hiking tour through the “Terrain of cheese and wine”. Passing the typical pastures we will hike to a local home farm dairy – On the way you will receive information about cows and cheese as well as “typical local food”. Our hike will continue from the vineyard to the Mosel valley directly to the winery. On the road you will learn more about wine and vineyards. Cosy ending will be a cheese and wine tasting.

Corporate events and customer events

Take advantage of our tasting events and make it to an event for your employees or for your customers. Have Fun and enjoy acting in a team during a hike or in a workshop while making cheese. We are flexible referring to the size of a group, the location and the surrounding – feel free to contact us. We will provide you with an individual offer depending on your wishes and needs.

Regional cheese catering

You are looking for an exceptional idea for a buffet design? You want to present the regional tasting potential to your guests, customers or citizens? Then we are the partner you are looking for: exclusive product assortment, wine and other accompanying drinks, selected side dishes, appealing presentations. We arrange your buffet depending on your wishes. Just contact us.
Cheese-culture-morning pint or brunch

Outdoor Raclette Event

NEW - Outdoor-raclette-event
Experience the innovative outdoor-raclette-event!
Cooking your individual raclette outdoors with a view of the Mosel valley’s unique cultural landscape.
Raclette Cheese from Wallonia, made from raw milk by following the original Wallon recipe is one highlights of the event.
Enjoy a relaxing stay with your friends at our rustic „table of raclette“ together with a glass of Moselwine, complemented by our inventive raclette recipes or dishes.
A fantastic and highly communicative event!

For more information of current events, please see our homepage


First time ever, MOSEL-KÄSE-EVENTS offers you the opportunity to enjoy on a demanding level the products of both, exclusively arranged, “regional cheese specialities” from a local farm dairy in combination with the “typical drinking products” of our region – wine – beer – cider and distillates.

Your partner and contact:

Wolfgang Fusenig
Dipl. Ing. Milch-und Molkereiwirtschaft

Zum Unterdorf 3
54518 Heidweiler

Contact: +49 6508 - 99 11 55
Mobil: +49 160 - 55 18 150


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